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simple tofu fried recipe

Easy Fried Tofu with Soup – Japanese Recipe

 Prepare a deep pan with three centimeter of cooking oil on high heat. Cut the tofu into bite-sized pieces. I am using a half bucket about two hundred plus put one quarter cu...

Easy Sweet and Sour Meatballs with Lotus Root Recipes

 First, let's prepare the lotus root. Thoroughly rinse the lotus root and grate it along with the skin. The grated root should make approximately 50g (1.8 oz). Next, slice about 10...
easy spagethi carbonara recipe

Easy Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe with Pictures Step

 In a large mixing ball, crack in the eggs and add in grated parmesan cheese. Then whisk until combined. And set aside. In a frying pan, add in olive oil and garlic. Over med...
easy turkish kebab recipe

Easy Turkish Kebab Recipes

 There is a tray in front of me. On a baking paper, place the sliced bread. I will add some salt and drizzle some oil on the breads. Now, place the tray in the pre-heated ove...
easy indian recipes ground beef

Easy Indian Ground Beef with Green Spices

 So we're going start by chopping up our green onions Then, we'll chop up the green chilies. We'll also peel the ginger. And chop the onion. Finally, we'll chop up the cilant...
japanese scotch egg recipe

Easy Scotch Eggs Japanese Recipes

 First, let’s make the half boiled eggs. Reduce the heat to low  and carefully place 2 eggs into a pot of boiling water. During the first 2 minutes, gently rotate the eggs to...