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simple tofu fried recipe

Easy Fried Tofu with Soup – Japanese Recipe

 Prepare a deep pan with three centimeter of cooking oil on high heat. Cut the tofu into bite-sized pieces. I am using a half bucket about two hundred plus put one quarter cu...
french toast

Easy French Toast Recipe

let's get this recipe started alright. First thing obviously I'm going to need a batter for my bread. I'm just going to crack in two large eggs into a pie plate. I'm going to...
japanese scotch egg recipe

Easy Scotch Eggs Japanese Recipes

 First, let’s make the half boiled eggs. Reduce the heat to low  and carefully place 2 eggs into a pot of boiling water. During the first 2 minutes, gently rotate the eggs to...

Easy Green Juice for Diet Recipe

 Now one by one put all ingredients into the juicer Once it's done, it make about 900 ml juice Take an empty glass jar Pour juice into the jar  Top it by Lemon juice. Enjo...

Easy Cheesy Omelet Recipe

 Beat the eggs with the salt and pepper until the yolks and whites are fully incorporated. Heat a skillet over high heat with the butter. Once the butter has foamed up, pour ...
mix vegetables omellete

Healthy Breakfast Mix Vegetable Omelette

   Let's take a finely chopped onion. Next, let's add a finely chopped tomato and a grated carrot. 4 tbsp of (chopped) cabbage. Coriander, as per your liking. 1 tbsp ...

How to Make Omurice (Omelet Fried Rice Recipe)

 First, let’s make the omurice sauce. Using a hand blender, make the tomato sauce smooth. Pour the sauce into a small pot and turn on the burner. Heat the sauce while stirrin...