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  1.  Pour olive oil in the pan, then sesame oil (optional). Then brings the chicken into it, put the lid until it’s fully cook and wait for about 3 minutes. Pour the cumin seeds, garlic and ginger then stir it. Then give it spices black pepper, salt, lemon juice, red onions. After mixing it well bring soy sauce, oyster sauce. Put bell pepper, orange, yellow and green, scallions, mung, bean, sprouts and give good mix.boneless chicken thighhs recipe
  2.  Once it’s all mixed, pour cilantro then mix it well. Pour the green chili sauce, give it a good mix. When you are adding all the vegtables bring your gas to medium low otherwise there will born. Cook it with open it for one minute and our dish is ready.easy boneless chicken thighs recipes

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