1.  I’m starting with my first tortilla in my frying pan, and to that, I’m going to add a layer of cheese. Cheese is critical because it’s really the glue that keeps your quesadillas together.quesadilla recipes
  2.  Next, I’m going to add some boiled eggs that I’ve given a rough chop too and some chopped ham. You can leave the ham out if you prefer to keep these vegetarian. I am also going to add a little drizzle of hot sauce.
    delicious quesadilla recipes
  3.  And we’re going to finish this off with some green onion, ’cause it’s always good to have some green in these things. Then we need to finish it with the glue that holds it all together. More cheddar cheese.breakfast with delicious quesadilla recipe
  4.  On goes my second tortilla, I’m going to cook it over medium-high heat until it gets crispy on the bottom and then very carefully I’m going to flip it. It should only take between 30 seconds and a minute for the other side of your quesadilla to crisp up.how to cook quesadilla recipe
  5.  Once they’re done I simply cut them with a pizza cutter, and they are ready to eat. The perfect protein-packed breakfast on the go.easy quesadilla recipe



  • Ease of cooking
  • Ingredients availability
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Very easy breakfast recipe! try it now!.