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  1.  We’ll cut the washed chicken into thin strips, Add them to a bowl, Add salt, Red chilli powder, Jeera powder, ginger garlic paste chicken tandoori masala which will give it a great flavour, Some oil(olive oil) And smoothened thick yogurt Mix well.easy chicken shawarma recipe
  2.  Set aside for 10-15 minutes. Now heat a pan and add oil to it when hot, add marinated chicken strips Sauté for a while, Flip them when their skin colour changes let it cook under a lid for 10-15 minutes to ensure that the chicken is fully cooked.shamarwa chicken recipe details
  3.  Uncover it, stir and switch off the flame. I have grated the carrot like this for the salad so we have thin strips out of the carrot. Now cut the bell peppers. Never cut bell peppers from the outside, rather flip them over And cut through the skin inside it cuts very smoothly.chicken shamarwa recipe at home
  4.  Wash up and dry your lettuce Chop these Cut boiled beetroot into juliennes, Add shredded carrots to a bowl bell pepper beetroot, Cucumber, lettuce , sliced onions followed by salt Black pepper powder, Olive oil And lemon juice, mix all of these well!. We’ll start by making the yogurt sauce, I have smoothened thick yogurt. Add salt, Black pepper powder, garlic paste. Mix well chopped mint or coriander if you’d like even parsley. simple recipe chicken shawarma
  5.  We’ll take Pita bread and cut it from the middle. Open it up like so and spread the yogurt sauce. Add chicken strips, add the salad, pour the tahini sauce spread yogurt sauce, chicken strips, add salad, Pour tahini sauce Fold like this and wrap with butter paper. Its going to be tastyhow to make chicken shamarwa

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