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  1.  The first ingredient in the rub is cumin.  We are toasting up whole cumin and grinding it, but you can use cumin from your spice cabinet.skirt steak meals recipe
  2.  Next, take the two chiles and remove the seeds.You do that by chopping off the top making a slit down the side, opening it up and scraping out the seeds. If you don’t want to go through this effort you can use whatever chile powder you like.grilled skirt steak recipe
  3.  Next, chop up the two chiles into smaller pieces. I’ve found that it makes it easier to blend it up into a powder. Throw it into your favorite blender cup.
    steak meals recipe
  4.  Add the two ground chiles to the cumin add the spicy chile powder and grind it up. Add salt and garlic, then grind it up a bit more.easy skirt steak meals
  5.  Let’s chop skirt steak into evenly sized pieces so they fit better. Throw it in the bag and marinate it. Add the ground up rub add the oil Mix it up and put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
    how to make grill up skirt-steak
  6.  With the grill set up for direct grilling, we are going to cook them about 4 minutes per side. Half way through, give them a flip and make sure they are cooking evenly.grilled skirt steak
  7.  After it’s rested for a few minutes, it’s time to cut it upsteak recipe with pictures.
  8.  Now to make the burrito. Throw on some meat and some beans mango guacamole, sour cream Now that is a burrito that will beat fast food any day.ultimate easy skirt steak meals

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Delicious Grilled Skirt Steak Recipe, Try and Taste it Now!