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  1.  Prepare your pineapple. Prepare that papaya. Third is for Mango. Your final fresh fruit is pomegranate. Notice when I take the pomegranate, I take the knife , I draw around that floral end and take out the cap. And then gently hand break it apart into two and then you can coax out the seeds. Take off the white bits and you’re left with gorgeous little jewel like seeds, that will dot this salad. Finally, our four fruit are in the bowl and now we’re gonna give it a nice boost with a flavour enhancer.tropical fruit salad recipe
  2.  I have 2 oz of fresh squeezed orange juice. I have 1 oz of rose water. A little bit of rose water and then our final ingredient, in the flavour enhancer, is 1 Tbsp of honey.  Stir those ingredients together and then pour them over the salad. Gently stir it together and then you’re ready to serve.simple fruit salad recipe
  3.  I like to serve it, again, with a wonderful garnish, which is toasted coconut. It makes the whole thing tastes better. It is truly about that flavour, kind of, booster of the rosewater with the honey and orange, when mixed with tropical fruit. simple tropical fruit design



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Very Easy Tropical Salad Recipe!. Try and Taste it.