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  1.  Prepare a pan and coconut oil. Preheat the pan on the medium heat, pour coconut oil into your pan till it cover the pan, and don’t forget to give the salt. Adding some salt to one side of the chicken. Drop the chicken in the pan, wait a little before put another piece in and give the pan enough time to heat back up so it will sear the other side. Add next piece in the pan. Season the backside of the chicken and turn heat down between medium and low then just wait for it to cook all. Flip it and cook it on the other side until it’s done all the way. how to cook chicken breast on the stove
  2.  When it’s white more than halfway through on one side especially on the largest part of the chicken breast it’s mean all cooked well. Flip it until the rest of it turns the correct color and they’ll be done. Since only use salt, the taste of chicken is natural chicken flavor itself. chicken breast recipe
  3.  When it’s done, take these off from the pan, cut it open and you can see how juicy it is. It was only seasoned with salt so it actually tastes like chicken supposed to taste a lot of protein a little bit of fat.easy chicken breast on stove recipe

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