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  1.  Now, let’s we prepare butter and all the seasoning. The key to make a very creamy pasta is to boil them with milk or cream! Don’t forget to stir them. Then put them all and give some shredded Cheddar Cheese.super creamy carbonara pasta recipe
  2.  Stir again until all the cheese is dissolve. Now heat up your pan with oil and butter, to make sure the butter not burn so fast. Then onion in, Then get the mushroom in and don’t forget your main ingredient, the bacon, Give a pinch of salt. Then toss them again until caramelizecarbonara creamy pasta recipe
  3.  Now mix them all with the pasta, Give a stir, As you can see all the oil come from the bacon mix with the creamy pasta Here you go, this is my Carbonara Pasta with Bacon & Mushroom!super creamy carbonara recipe

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