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  1.  So we will start with the simple syrup Add the water to your pan and add the sugar So this step is optional but I decided to infuse the syrup with lemon peels to intense the flavor of the lemonade Cook it over a low/medium fire until the sugar devolves, and put it aside to to make fresh lemon ice
  2.  Now while the syrup is cooling we will be juicing our lemons So I am rolling the lemons over a hard surface to make them easier to juice Put your strainer on top of your jug, and pour the syrup into your jug Remove the lemon peels and pour the lemon juice trough the strainer.simple lemonade recipe
  3.  So here you have your basic lemon syrup, now add some water to make your lemonade I added about one liter of water, but you can of course add more or less depending on your taste. Serve with some fresh lemons and ice cubs! So here you have your lemonadefresh lemonade recipe


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